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GOBO LAMPS (Source Four) - Rental

GOBO LAMPS (Source Four) - Rental

GOBO LAMPS (Source Four) - Personal Images and Monograms (includes one custom plate)


Imagine a beautiful, personalized monogram of the happy couple's initials, or full names, projected behind the head table or on the dance floor at the reception. Traditionally, this kind of custom effect has been unaffordable. But, with new technology that we provide, this special touch can now easily be part of your wedding day!

Product Features

  • 5º, 10º, 14º, 19º, 26º, 36º, 50º, 70º and 90º field angles

  • Rated up to 750W

  • Super-efficient HPL lamp

  • Faceted dichroic reflector removes 90% of IR heat from beam

  • Interchangeable lens tubes

  • Rotating barrel ± 25º

  • Three-plane stainless-steel shutter blade assembly

  • Tool-free lamp adjustment

  • Insulated rear handle

  • Rugged die-cast aluminium construction

  • Custom Gobo Lighting FAQ​

    Custom Gobo Lighting FAQ​

    Q: Is there an extra delivery or setup charge for Gobo Lighting?
    A: No. Delivery and setup, within our service area, is included as part of the quoted rental rate. We will occasionally travel outside of our service area for larger rentals, and an additional delivery fee might be necessary depending on distance. Providing services beyond our local area will be decided on a case by case basis.


    ​Q: Is there a time limit on your Gobo Lighting services?
    A: Whether your event is two hours or ten hours, your lighting can remain running the entire time, at no extra charge. Our gobo fixtures have a very low power consumption.


    Q: What about safety? Will there be cords, plugs or hot fixtures getting in our guests' way?
    A: No. We will secure our gobo projector onto a high-quality, sturdy, professional lighting stand in a location well out of your guests' way. We will also secure all wiring and cabling down. We do recommend discussing with us ahead of time where our equipment would be best placed, and where exactly your image is to be displayed. 

    Keep in mind that the gobo projector MUST be located somewhere opposite from, and facing, the projected image. We recommend somewhere nearby other DJ or band equipment with other speaker stands and cabling, or any other such place that your guests would normally avoid. We can also mount our projector from ceilings already equipped with appropriate lighting trusses.


    Q: What colors are available for Gobo Lighting?
    A: Full colored gobos, where different elements of the design are different colors, cost us hundreds of dollars to have made, but we can certainly do so, if you wish. Alternatively, we can place colored gels over your gobo, at no extra cost, to color the entire image with one color. Keep in mind that colored gobos produce a reduced projection brightness, especially on darker walls and floors.

Excluding Sales Tax

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