How should I prepare my artwork file?

Submitting artwork is easy:
In order for us to create your custom banner, we need to know how you want it to look. For simple designs, sometimes all we need is a sketch, and we can do the rest. We suggest having some kind of artwork ready when you call for a quote. Or at least keep a sketch pad handy! You can also e-mail or mail your banner ideas to our San Fernando factory.

The fastest way to send us artwork is to email it to us artwork@celebrityredcarpets.com (< 5MB in size) or use yousendit.com.

Acceptable Programs:
If your artwork was created in the following programs, there should be no problem.

Adobe Photoshop 
Adobe Illustrator 
Quark Xpress 
Corel Draw 

Files prepared in Adobe Illustrator should be saved to an .EPS format (Encapsulated Postscript) after all the text has been converted to paths or outlines. Any placed graphics should be included with the file and should be 150dpi or higher. Files should be prepared using the CMYK color format.

Files created in Adobe Illustrator are ideal because the resulting file is vectorized artwork, which means that the artwork can be scaled up to the final size without a loss of resolution. Graphics taken from a website are useful for letting us know what you want, but for production purposes web graphics are usually too low a resolution to be used.

Graphics designed using Adobe Photoshop should be saved as .TIFF files, preferably to 150dpi or more.

If you are submitting art as a Quark file, please remember to save the file in a way that packages all the fonts and graphics included in your layout.

All submitted digital art should include a paper printout of the artwork whenever possible, or a low-res PDF that can be used to guide our production team. Photos, chromes and slides can be digitized at additional cost.

If you have any questions or concerns about sending us your artwork, please contact us, and we'll guide you through the process.

Note: To avoid logos looking pixelated on your step and repeat banner, please send the highest resolution files you can.

The step and repeat logos will print approximately 6"-14" in width so make sure that you send the largest files you can with the best resolution.

Accepted File Formats

Adobe Illustrator CS4 (.ai , .eps, .pdf)
- Convert ALL fonts to outlines or submit required fonts. 
- Convert ALL outlines to graphics. 
- Any placed or linked graphic images or bitmap images must be provided as separate files. 
- .eps files should not be embedded with in .eps files.
- Artwork must be provided in CMYK format.
- Raster images MUST be at finished size 150 dpi.
- PDF files need to be saved as zipped with fonts converted to curves. 

Adobe Photo Shop CS4 (.psd, .tif, .jpg)
- Artwork MUST be provided in CMYK format.
- Raster images MUST be at finished size 150 dpi. See guidelines above for resolution requirements.
- No Compression of images. 

Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)
- Embed ALL fonts or convert text to curves. 
- Raster images MUST be at finished size 150 dpi. See guidelines above for resolution requirements. 
- PDF files need to be saved as zipped. 

Corel Draw X4 (.cdr)
- Convert all text to curves or submit required fonts.
- Raster images MUST be at finished size 150 dpi. See guidelines above for resolution requirements.

InDesign, Freehand and QuarkXpress files should be converted to one of the above accepted formats. Make sure all fonts are converted to curves or graphics.  


Document Files
MS Power Point
MS Excel
MS Word
or MS Publisher.

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